Words about words

The below lists a series of microcopy to be used across applications built with the Delphinus Design System. The list is to ensure a consistent vocabulary and consistent spelling conventions.

The below is only a draft.

DanishEnglishDescription AU informationmodel
BrugernavnUsernameName used when signing in. Syntax: auXXXXXX@uni.au.dk
AU-idAU-idPart of username before @uni.au.dk. Syntax: auXXXXXX AU-Person.AUID
StudienummerStudent numberStudent registration number jf. AU dictionary...AU-Uddannelsesidentitet.StudieNr
CPR-nummerCivil registration numberEnglish jf. AU dictionaryAU-Person.CprNr
AdgangskodePasswordCode used when signing in
Log indSign in
Log udSign out
Studie-mailadresseStudent email AU-Uddannelsesidentitet.StudMail
Medarbejder-mailadresseEmployee email AU-Arbejdsidentitet.MedarbejderMail
Privat mailadressePrivate emailA none-au.dk email address, like a Gmail. AU-Person.PrivatMail
TelefonnummerPhone number
MobilnummerMobile phone AU-Person.PrivatMobilNr
MeddelelseNotificationA status update or simlar from a system, that the user cannot reply to
BeskedMessageA message from a person (or system on behalf of a person) that the user can reply to
NemIDNemIDOfficial spelling from nemid.nu

Ingen kolloner efter labels, undgå helst parenteser og forkortelser (på nær, dem er står i retskrivningsordbogen).

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